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How I prepared for the 70-532 Exam

Recently I started to prepare for the Microsoft certification exam 70-532 “Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions” using the official Exam Ref book. This post contains a comprehensive list of blog posts with summaries of all needed abilities. I used the Exam Ref book, the official documentation and my personal experience to write these posts. I will constantly update the list until all topics are discussed.

How I prepared for the 70-532 exam

Prior starting to prepare for the exam, I had some knowledge about cloud technologies and the different features of Azure. Most of my skills came from simple trying out features in the Azure portal or from watching Youtube videos.

To study more in depth for the exam, I got the Exam Ref from Microsoft. If you get this book make sure that it’s the second edition. The first edition is outdated. For a comprehensive post about every topic see the following list (the list will be updated constantly until it is complete):

Create and Manage Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines

Design and Implement a Storage and Data Strategy

Design and Implement Azure Compute, Web and Mobile Services

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Templated Helper Methods

Deploy workload on Azure ARM virtual machines

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