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Hey there! I’m Wolfgang Ofner, a seasoned cloud and software architect with a passion for creating elegant, scalable solutions. I’ve been in the game for over 8 years, and have a wealth of experience in software architecture and design. I have studied in Austria and Canada and after I completed my Master’s degree in software architecture and design, I moved to Switzerland where I gained more experience in the field. My focus is on .NET and Azure technologies, and I have a proven track record of delivering successful projects as a software engineer and solution architect. I have a deep understanding of Azure, Kubernetes and DevOps and have experience implementing best practices to optimize and improve the delivery of software. For the last two years, I’ve been working on hybrid cloud technologies in the industrial sector, with a focus on Azure Arc and Azure Stack HCI. I am passionate about software architecture, cloud technologies, and DevOps and always strive to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends.

After a journey that took me from Austria to Switzerland and then Australia, I have chosen Toronto, Canada as my new home. As an experienced cloud and software architect, I bring a diverse range of international expertise and an unwavering dedication to delivering excellence. Now settled in Toronto, I am excited to offer my services for freelance projects. I am eager to collaborate with organizations seeking innovative software solutions, leveraging my skills to bring your projects to life in this vibrant city that I now proudly call home.

If you’re looking for someone who can bring a wealth of experience and a passion for excellence to your project, let’s connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, or via Email .

Why I created this Blog

Being a software architect, my passion has always been to share my knowledge and help others understand the exciting world of technology. That’s why I created this blog, to share my experiences, insights, and personal journey on topics such as .NET, Azure, DevOps and Kubernetes. My goal is to inspire and motivate others to dive into these technologies and discover their potential.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), I have a deep understanding in certain areas and I always strive to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends. I also enjoy sharing my experiences at conferences, but more importantly, I want to share my knowledge and journey on this blog, including not only topics I have a deep understanding of, but also topics that I am currently exploring and learning about. It’s an opportunity for me to share my journey, learn from others and help others to do the same.

Whether you’re a developer, architect, or IT professional, I hope that you’ll find something of value in my posts. I believe that by sharing our knowledge and experiences, we can all learn and grow together. So, if you’re interested in .NET, Azure, DevOps and Kubernetes, feel free to join the conversation and follow my blog for the latest updates and insights.

My Microsoft Certifications

MCT Microsoft Certified TrainerAzure Solutions Architect ExpertDevOps Engineer Expert
Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking SolutionsDeveloping Solutions for Microsoft AzureMicrosoft Certified Azure Security Engineer
MCT Microsoft Certified TrainerMCT Microsoft Certified TrainerAzure Solutions Architect Expert