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Article - Leveling Up Scalability in Kubernetes - Cloud Compendium Volume 35

I am thrilled to share that my article, “Leveling Up Scalability in Kubernetes”, previously published in the German “Windows .Developer” magazine, has now also been featured in Cloud Compendium Volume 35!

What makes this even more special is that the article has been given its own unique graphical design. But that’s not all - it’s also covering the entire title page of the compendium!

This is a significant milestone for me, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share my insights on Kubernetes scalability with a broader audience. I hope you find the article informative and engaging.

The article is available online, but please note that it is in German and requires a subscription to access.

cloud compendium volume 35

Below, you’ll find the article’s introduction in English and German:

Kubernetes provides the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler, which allows adjusting the number of running application instances based on CPU or memory utilization. However, modern applications often rely on multiple components and need to respond to external events. KEDA (Kubernetes-based Event-Driven Autoscaling) offers a simple and flexible solution for that purpose.

Kubernetes bietet mit dem Horizontal Pod Autoscaler die Möglichkeit, auf Basis von CPU- oder RAM-Auslastung die Anzahl der laufenden Applikationsinstanzen zu verändern. Allerdings sind moderne Anwendungen oftmals von einer Vielzahl von Komponenten abhängig und müssen auf externe Ereignisse reagieren können. KEDA bietet dafür eine einfache und flexible Lösung.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

Article - Leveling Up Scalability in Kubernetes

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